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New to Range: Jaguar XK & XF Parts

We are continually adding to our huge range of parts for modern classics. This week, we have highlighted a selection of new to range parts for Jaguar XK and Jaguar XF.

XK/XF Parts Finder:

XK Parts

Part Name Part No. Purchase Part
Cam Cover Assembly AJ814028* BUY NOW
Cam Cover Assembly AJ814029* BUY NOW
Heater Pipe AJ814007* BUY NOW
Spark Plug C2C41805# BUY NOW
Front Lower Wishbone Arm C2P17091# BUY NOW
Lateral Lower Wishbone, Left Hand Front C2P24862# BUY NOW
Lateral Lower Wishbone, Right Hand Front C2P24861# BUY NOW

XF Parts

Front Brake Caliper C2D3106* BUY NOW
Front Brake Caliper C2D3107* BUY NOW
Rear Brake Caliper C2D35333* BUY NOW
Rear Brake Caliper C2D35335* BUY NOW
XF Speaker Grille C2Z1835LEG# BUY NOW
Heater Pipe AJ814053* BUY NOW
Water Outlet Pipe AJ813865* BUY NOW
Oil Cooler/Filter Assembly C2S52808* BUY NOW