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The Revolutionary Jaguar XJ Series

The Jaguar XJ Saloon series has embodied the trademark beauty, power and luxury of Jaguar for 55 years and will continue to do so for many years to come. The Series 1 first debuted in 1968; it was followed by the Series 2 in 1973 before the Series 3 came along in 1979.

XJ Series 1

The Jaguar XJ6 Series 1 was a saloon like no other when it was released in 1968. With its revolutionary design, forward thinking styling and the handling of an E-Type, the effects of William Lyon’s longest living creation are still felt today. The design was profound with its enormous wheels and tyres specifically produced by Dunlop for the XJ6. It set new standards in ride and refinement while retaining the XK twin cam engine with twin carburettors.


XJ Series 2

Produced from 1973-1979, the Series 2 introduced many design amendments, primarily to comply with USA safety regulations including raised front bumpers which in-turn resulted in a change to the radiator grille and lighting. The new engine configurations were 3.4 litre, 4.2 litre and 5.3 litre engines. Jaguar also introduced a two-door coupe model without any pillars.


XJ Series 3

A much needed refreshment to the XJ range, the Series 3 came with new lighting, impact-absorbing bumpers, flush door handles and plenty of interior changes. The 6-cylinder Series 3 finally halted production in 1987, while the V12 continued for another four years into 1991 (only to be outlived by the Double Six Daimler, which came to a stop in 1992).


Parts Finder: XJ Series 1-3

XJ Series 1

Part Name Part No. Purchase Part
Front Brake Caliper Assembly LH 12796* BUY NOW
Front Brake Caliper Assembly RH 12797* BUY NOW
Stainless Steel Exhaust System BSSJR022 BUY NOW
Hubcap Badge C27140 BUY NOW
Fuel Tank RH C40190* BUY NOW
Fuel Tank LH C40191* BUY NOW
Carburettor Rebuild Kit CRK216 BUY NOW
Cylinder Head Gasket Set DJ020 BUY NOW
Reinforced Hose Kit HK023 BUY NOW
Oil Filter Element JLM9546* BUY NOW
Manual Choke Conversion Kit TZX1002U BUY NOW
Front Door Seal – LH RTC2609* BUY NOW
Front Door Seal – RH RTC2610* BUY NOW
Rev Counter and Speedo Illumination Harness C31578 BUY NOW

XJ Series 2

Part Name Part No. Purchase Part
Rear Brake Caliper RH AAU3378* BUY NOW
Rear Brake Caliper LH AAU3379* BUY NOW
Stainless Steel Exhaust System BSSJR026 BUY NOW
Rear Radius Arm Assembly C29310* BUY NOW
Brake Master Cylinder Assembly RHD CAC1228* BUY NOW
Steering Rack Bush Kit CAC1635K BUY NOW
Radiator Heater/Expansion Tank CAC4338* BUY NOW
Front Subframe/Crossmember Rear Mounting CBC5735* BUY NOW
Alternator Drive Belt EAC1324* BUY NOW
Clutch Kit 9.5″ Diaphragm Type HK9702Q* BUY NOW
Front Suspension Front Mounting Bush MHC2370AA* BUY NOW
Viscous Fan Coupling NBC2215AA# BUY NOW
Upper Door Seal BD44122* BUY NOW
Front Door Seal – LH RTC2609* BUY NOW
Front Door Seal – RH RTC2610* BUY NOW
Door Seal Rubber End Caps – Pair BD45641/2 BUY NOW

XJ Series 3

Part Name Part No. Purchase Part
Dear Door Seal Rubber LH BEC20217* BUY NOW
Dear Door Seal Rubber RH BEC20216* BUY NOW
Main ECU Wiring Harness XJ2285 BUY NOW
Fuel Injection Wiring Harness XJ2312 BUY NOW
Front Brake Caliper RH AAUU2102* BUY NOW
Front Brake Caliper LH AAUU2103* BUY NOW
Stainless Steel Exhaust System BSSJR033 BUY NOW
Fuel Injector C45675* BUY NOW
Immersed Fuel Pump RH CAC3551# BUY NOW
Immersed Fuel Pump LH CAC3552# BUY NOW
Radiator Coolant Header CAC3636* BUY NOW
Stainless Steel Braided Front Brake Hose CBC1390SS/1 BUY NOW
Clutch Slave Cylinder EAC1902# BUY NOW
Thermostat 82c EBC3576W BUY NOW
Power Assisted Steering Rack and Pinion Seal Kit JLM10834* BUY NOW
Fuel Filter JLM20682# BUY NOW

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