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Jaguar XF – a car for all seasons

Launched in 2007, the Jaguar XF is a modern classic in the making and a fabulous car for all seasons. Sublime luxury and comfort on warm summer days; superior handling and road safety on wet winter nights. SNG Barratt offers a wide range of service parts for the XF including brakes and filters. See below. For all other Jaguar models, visit

Jaguar XF Brake Pads

Part Name Part no. Purchase Part
Brake Pad Ax C2C42014* BUY NOW
Kit-Brake PA C2D3792* BUY NOW
Brake Pad Set RR C2P26112* BUY NOW
Front Brake Pad Set C2Z32076* BUY NOW

Jaguar XF Brake Discs

Part Name Part no. Purchase Part
Disc Brake C2C25336* BUY NOW
Disc Brake C2C25337*/2 BUY NOW
Disc Brake C2P12622* BUY NOW
Disc Brake A T4N1742* BUY NOW
Disc Brake A T4N1799* BUY NOW
Brake Disc RR C2D26352* BUY NOW

Jaguar XF Filtration

Part Name Part no. Purchase Part
Air Particle Filter C2Z6525# BUY NOW
Air Particle Filter C2Z6525* BUY NOW
Air Filter AJ82766# BUY NOW
Air Filter AJ82766* BUY NOW
Air Filters Pair C2Z15037* BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2Z32125 BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2C41611# BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2C41611* BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2D3670* BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2D56297 BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2D56297* BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2S43999# BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2S29685# BUY NOW
Oil Filter C2S29685* BUY NOW
Oil Filter JDE8751M BUY NOW
Oil Filter JDE8751* BUY NOW
Fuel Filter C2Z7738* BUY NOW
Fuel Filter C2Z7738 BUY NOW
Fuel Filter AJ811141* BUY NOW

Choose from over 300,000 parts and accessories available worldwide for all classic and modern Jaguar vehicles.