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SNG Barratt is a founder member of the Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance. Formed in May 2021 by a team of classic car industry leaders and enthusiasts, the alliance seeks to protect the historic vehicle movement which is in danger of being swept away by legislation, accidentally or intentionally.

There are other groups fighting the cause, but a louder voice is now needed if we are to protect the heritage of our classic cars.

The historic vehicle industry is worth £18bn to the country and employs well over 100,000 skilled people. It’s vital for this industry and these people to be protected by an effective campaigning force.

Brexit and the pandemic have hit the classic car industry hard. Substantial increases in cost and red tape now restrict the movement of cars across Europe, impacting dealers, restorers and racing specialists in particular. The HCVA is now campaigning to simplify the bureaucracy and reduce costs.

Environmental campaigning has, deliberately or accidentally, changed public perception of historic vehicles. People who once loved to see them on the road are now concerned about their emissions. The HCVA is pledged to destroy these myths and misconceptions and stress the sustainable nature of restoration and preservation including the tiny level of emissions involved and the potential for the industry to go completely ‘green’ with biofuel development.

Join the HCVA

Visit to learn more about the Alliance and become a member. The Historic & Classic Vehicles Alliance Ltd is a non-profit campaigning organisation based at Bicester Heritage.

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