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Whether you’re planning a roadtrip or just keen to understand how everything works under the bonnet, we’ve got some essential reading matter for you.

This week, we have compiled the ultimate reading list for any Jaguar enthusiast. With page-turning content, SNG Barratt offers manuals, handbooks and guides to provide the finer details about your classic or modern Jaguar.

Thinking of tackling a mechanical issue solo? Discover how to deconstruct and re-assemble your car according to the original Jaguar specs and find the parts that may need renewing or replacing with our Jaguar Parts Manuals.


Owners’ Handbooks

Get to know your car under the bonnet with the Owners’ Handbook, an essential to any classic Jaguar owner. Learn how to get the best from your Jaguar with expert information found in our range of handbooks.


Portable USBs

SNG Barratt offer a range of portable USB’s loaded with original parts and technical documents. These are ideal for any touring Jaguar owners that are constantly on the road.


Guides & Catalogues

Gain access to trade tips and tricks from leading enthusiasts and motoring journalists from our range of DIY restoration guides. Offering in-depth knowledge and firsthand experience, these guides are ideal for anyone restoring their classic or modern Jaguar.


SNG Barratt offer an extensive range of catalogues where you’ll find all the details with every part number, original drawing and illustrations, making it the ultimate Jaguar parts specialist all in one place.


Choose from over 300,000 parts and accessories available worldwide for all classic and modern Jaguar vehicles.