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Launched in 2003 and weighing in at around 1800kg, the X350 was considerably lighter than its predecessors. It was noted for its advanced electrical systems, self-levelling adaptive air suspension and aluminium unibody chassis and bodywork.

This luxury saloon is still quick, comfortable, and increasingly popular amongst Jaguar enthusiasts seeking out the “next classic.” At SNG Barratt, we are constantly improving and adding to our range of X350/358 parts. This week, we have highlighted some common problems and a selection of parts that will keep your Jaguar on the road.

Stopping Power

With all that power coming from the V8 and 6-cylinder engines, you will need to make sure your luxury cat can stop in a hurry. We offer a great range of brake pads, discs and handbrake pad sets for the X350.

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Service Parts

Rain or shine, the X350 is a car for all seasons. SNG Barratt supplies a complete range of service parts that will keep your X350 ticking over including plugs, blades and filters.

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Engine Cooling

Problematic plastic parts in the X350/358 V8 engine can cause big problems. One of these is the water pump impellor that was originally made from plastic which eventually disintegrates and unfortunately ends up somewhere in the cooling system. We now have the pump made with an aluminium impellor which is long-lasting and will not fail.

Another problematic plastic part is the thermostat housing. This will eventually crack and release coolant over the road however, we have a solution for this too – thermostat housing made from durable aluminium and with no chance of cracking.

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Air & Other Suspension Parts

An all too common problem on the X350 suspension is the failure of the front and rear air suspension dampers. Over time they can start to leak meaning any minor bumps in the road can feel like a huge speed bump! We stock a complete range of Bilstein replacements.

Another item to keep a careful watch on in the suspension system is the air compressor itself. The seals within the unit can fail and leave your suspension a little flat.

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Premium Ignition Coils

Petrol versions of the V6 can misfire and have a rough idle due to the on-plug-coils. We offer an Electric Ignition Coil to help resolve these issues.

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Premium Ignition Coils

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