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Every now and then, a groundbreaking development emerges that sends shockwaves through the classic Jaguar car community, sparking widespread discussion and excitement.


Introducing our latest innovation, the Lucas Fuel Injection Kit (C24558_INJ/4.2), granting E-Type 4.2 owners the ability to digitally map their engines and operate their vehicles on fully synthetic fuel. Collaborating with a specialised partner, SNG Barratt has diligently brought this cutting-edge kit to the market after years of meticulous planning, development, and rigorous testing. While many are acquainted with our extensive parts catalogue catering to enthusiasts worldwide, some may be less familiar with the extensive research and development behind the scenes. This encompasses the intricate work invested in creating components that elevate, enhance, and revolutionise the performance of classic Jaguars.

While carburettor to fuel injection conversion kits are not a novel concept and have been accessible for some time, the majority of these kits traditionally addressed only the injection aspect. Enter the latest kit from SNG Barratt, setting a new standard by encompassing full injection and ignition mapping. This advancement allows you to take command of and optimize fuel management within the engine through an electronic control unit (ECU). Unlike standard carburettors in the original car setup, which were susceptible to temperature changes and wear and tear, often leading to tuning issues, the new kit is meticulously engineered. It automatically adapts fuel delivery to the engine based on changing conditions. In essence, by precisely igniting the correct amount of fuel at the right moment, this innovation results in increased performance and torque. Your car becomes instantly more responsive, reliable, and achieves improved overall fuel efficiency.

So what’s in the box and how does it work?

To begin with, the newly introduced fuel injection system boasts a striking design that elevates the visual allure when you lift the hood. For E-Type enthusiasts seeking to enhance their vehicle’s aesthetic charm at summer shows, the impeccable build quality and craftsmanship of the new fuel injection unit installed on the cylinder head are impossible to overlook. The comprehensive kit, inclusive of the unit and all necessary components for installation, comes neatly packaged in a branded timber case with rope handles. Instantly, the distinctive packaging signals that something exceptional awaits inside the box.

Our kit pledges an elevated driving experience, delivering substantial enhancements in reliability, and it lives up to the promise the moment you engage the ignition. Revel in the captivating sound of air gracefully pulling through the intake trumpets, accompanied by the exquisite tone of a meticulously tuned Jaguar engine springing to life. As you delicately press the accelerator pedal, savour the seamless surge of torque and the smooth transfer of power, witnessing the 4.2 engine flawlessly responding to your every directive. Classic cars, often plagued by unpredictability in varying weather or temperature conditions, bid farewell to those concerns with this innovative upgrade.

The latest onboard Electronic Control Unit (ECU) seamlessly manages both fuel injection and ignition, rendering the traditional carburettors and distributors obsolete. Safely stow these outdated components in the provided timber box, ensuring they’re at your disposal should you decide to restore and sell the car while taking the new unit with you. Say goodbye to the adjustments and servicing demands associated with the wear and tear of these outdated mechanical parts; they are now consigned to the past. The fully mappable ECU allows for precise fine-tuning, optimising performance with any additional enhancements. Whether you prefer your car set up for leisurely touring or spirited racing, the power to decide is in your hands.

The Lucas Fuel Injection Kit includes everything you will need for the full conversion to fuel injection

  • A fully pre-assembled Lucas Inlet Manifold including three twin fuel injection throttle bodies with a built-in throttle position sensor and injectors, stylish intake trumpets and comprehensive linkage designed to give the system a ‘retro’ feel while retaining all of the advantages associated with modern electronic fuel injection.

  • A race style throttle mechanism designed to link directly to the original throttle pedal via cable and bell crank.

  • A fully mappable ECU, pre-loaded with a basic map which can be used as a starting point for rolling-road tuning.

  • A self-contained submerged High Pressure Fuel Pump with a built-in regulator and in-tank return designed to give a regulated high-pressure supply to the manifold fuel rail under all driving conditions.

  • A three-module ‘Wasted Spark’ coil pack and mounting bracket, replacing the traditional distributor and located in the same position. This means that the supplied high-tension leads follow the original path for authentic appearance.

  • A full complement of sensors including: crank position sensor and mounting bracket; ambient air pressure sensor; ambient air temperature and manifold coolant temperature sensors; oil pressure sensor that prevents the engine from firing until oil pressure is detected and cutting the engine if pressure is lost; oxygen sensors for each exhaust manifold, supplied with mounting bosses which can be inserted into the existing exhaust system and provide tuning feedback for precise air/fuel ratio measurements.

  • Complete electrical harness with pre-fitted connectors, relay pack and fuse box, all labelled to aid installation.

Upon installation, this kit provides an unprecedented level of control over fueling and ignition, surpassing what was achievable with traditional carburetors or mechanical distributors. Featuring significantly more durable components, it translates to substantially reduced servicing needs. Notably, the kit is fully compatible with ethanol and bio/fully synthetic fuels, allowing seamless integration with catalytic exhaust systems for the ultimate ‘green’ solution.

Watch the installation of the Fuel Injection Conversion Kit on our YouTube channel

We were keen to share more about the new Lucas Fuel Injection system and understand the benefits it can bring to owners like yourself, so we caught up with Peter Stant, Head Technician and Julian Parker, Head of Lucas Classic at SNG Barratt.

Why has SNG Barratt introduced this Lucas product in 2024?

Julian: Back in the day, there were a handful of Lightweight E-Types fitted with a mechanical fuel injection system and we were keen to explore the benefits of offering a complete ignition and fuel injection system to E-Type owners today. The Lucas Classic range in 2024 is synonymous with innovation and quality, so we felt the new system with its retro good looks and bullet-proof build-quality was worthy of the classic brand name.

Adding fuel injection to a classic car is not a new concept, is it?

Peter: No, but our new kit is all encompassing, unlike other systems, and manages both the ignition and fuel injection at the same time, straight out of the box. So, you’re actually getting two solutions for the price of one while your old carburettors and other unreliable service parts can live on the mantlepiece until you sell the car. Distributors and other moving parts are subject to wear and tear whereas the new kit can be installed, mapped and left alone for years to come while you enjoy endless driving experiences behind the wheel of one of the most fabulous sports cars ever made.

Do you think the new fuel injection system offers value for money?

Julian: If you’re restoring a car, there are plenty of parts the new system will replace, and will no longer be required during the rebuild. If you’re thinking of converting your engine to our new Lucas fuel injection system, you will no longer need to routinely replace various mechanical components and other service parts. The new system is robust, reliable and, in the longer term, cost effective. Is it also more fuel efficient.

What are benefits of installing the new system?

Peter: You’re introducing modern vehicle reliability to a classic car and removing the uncertainty of classic moving parts that wear and tear very easily. You are also opening up the opportunity to dial in more power or better fuel economy. It all depends on your preferences and what you want from your car, but every system can be mapped to your liking. With the new ECU, the curve can be set so the power is there when you need it, like when you’re dodging through traffic and sometimes needs a bit of grunt!

Julian: The car instantly becomes more responsive as you have better power delivery all the way through the rev range. It delivers a nicer, smoother drive at lower and higher speeds, unlike some engines that need to be running over 5000RPM before you get the response and performance you are looking for.

Finally, are there any changes you would recommend if I was going to install the new fuel injection system?

Nothing else is required for the fuel injection, but I would always recommend you have reliable brakes and cooling if you’re going to drive your car in a more “spirited” way. With a more responsive car, you will need to prevent the engine from overheating…. and when you’re driving your new fuel-injected E-Type through Death Valley with that stupid grin on your face (the one that only Jaguar owners can pull)… you’re going want to be able to stop quickly!

Over the past 40 years or so, SNG Barratt has evolved from a local spares supplier to a global leader in the production of classic Jaguar parts amidst the backdrop of a rapidly changing world.

In 1982, when Stephen Barratt started dispatching spare parts for aging Jaguars, the world lacked the internet, mobile phones, and immediate concerns for global warming or sustainability. Flash forward to 2024, and the scene has transformed, yet the classic car movement has not only endured but flourished. While the carbon footprint and, arguably, the environmental impact of a car crafted over 60 years ago are notably less than its modern, all-electric counterpart, there is increasing pressure on the classic car community to devise greener solutions. This imperative becomes even more crucial if the combustion engine is to withstand another six decades on our planet.

In the realm of advancing cleaner, greener solutions, SNG Barratt stands at the forefront. Currently in progress is an innovative project, including the groundbreaking Lucas Fuel Injection system. Engineered to seamlessly operate on fully synthetic fuels, it not only represents a step towards sustainability but also promises to safeguard the cherished heritage of our classic cars. Click the button below to explore the future of classic car performance with the Lucas Fuel Injection system!


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