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Quality is at the forefront of what is produced in the famous red box at SNG Barratt. From brand new, rigorously tested rotor arms and distributor caps to complete ignition upgrades, check out the Lucas Classic ignition range today.

Did you know, Lucas ignition and fuel injection systems powered 10 out of 11 Formula One World Championship winners up to 1972?

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Lucas Classic Ignition

Part Description Part No.  Purchase Part
Lucas electronic ignition amplifier type AB14 DAC2673# BUY NOW
Ignition amplifier AB14 DAC3848 BUY NOW
Lucas Sport ignition coil DLB105 BUY NOW
Lucas 12 cylinder distributor cap, fits 35DE12. Lucas no. 54419431, DDB153 JS402 BUY NOW
Amplifier AB14 DAC2087* BUY NOW
Ignition amplifier AB14 DAC4104# BUY NOW
Lucas 12 cylinder distributor cap with vent, fits 35DE12 DAC4168# BUY NOW
Ignition coil – 12 with push-in terminal DLB102 BUY NOW
Sport ignition coil push-in terminal DLB110 BUY NOW
Lucas 11AC ignition coil DLB198 BUY NOW
Lucar rotor arm clockwise bonded construction. JLM263U BUY NOW
Lucas 11AC alternator C25073U BUY NOW
Lucas coil 12-volt push in HT lead. DLB101 BUY NOW
Lucas ignition amplifier JLM368HE BUY NOW
Lucas ignition pick up module DPB101E BUY NOW

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