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F is for F-Type

Here at SNG Barratt, the F-Type has always stirred our emotions. We have owned, driven and loved a number of F-Types over the years and, if this really is to be the final Jaguar petrol engine sports car, we think it’s a fitting end to a line that has been running for more than 70 years.

The F-Type is a stunning piece of art offering subtle hints of its blood line back to the older brother from the 1960’s. Who doesn’t think of an E-Type then they see those brake lights illuminate on an F-type? It’s a car that demands attention, nailing the visual balance between aggression and sophistication as it effortlessly purrs past you.

Just like the E-type all those years ago, the F-Type is not just about the looks. In all its engine variants, it’s a superb car to drive, with an exhaust note that positively snarls and a handling on the road that begs for just one more corner, one more chance to brake, balance, turn and jump back on the power. The F-Type is a Jaguar in sheep’s clothing. It’s a car that is polite and civilised in a city but, as we have witnessed many times on the hill at Shelsley Walsh, it’s more than at home on the track.

Where many cars are touted as the next future classic, the F-type is in a league of its own and will undoubtedly endure for decades to come. So, look after this young cub and give the F-Type the love it deserves through regular servicing.

Choose from a huge range of F-Type parts at SNG Barratt.

Parts Finder: F-Type Parts


Part Name Part No. Purchase Part
Water Pump 3.0/5.0 AJ813909* BUY NOW
Air Filter Element LH (3.0/5.0) T2R1881# BUY NOW
Air Filter Element RH (3.0/5.0) T2R1882# BUY NOW
Camshaft Position Sensor (3.0/5.0) AJ811224* BUY NOW
F-Type Motif T2R23236 BUY NOW
Front Brake Discs (18″) T2R5939* BUY NOW
Front Pad Wear Sensor (380mm Discs) C2P12722*/1 BUY NOW
Front Damper (AWD) T2R7854# BUY NOW
Heater Pipe Assembly AJ814007* BUY NOW