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Take the strain out of steering your classic Jaguar with the EZ Electric Power Steering System

The EZ Electric Power Steering Conversion Kit is available for most classic Jaguar models at SNG Barratt Group including Classic XK, E-Type and Mark II.

It is speed sensitive, steering light at low speeds and doesn’t become lighter at higher speeds. And when you require more assistance, with wider tyres or a smaller sports steering wheel for example, the driver controls the amount of assistance and the desired feel by turning a potentiometer, offering a distinct advantage over hydraulic systems with little feel and no option to make adjustments.

The EZ power steering unit is neatly concealed so you can enjoy effortless power steering without spoiling the original look or authenticity of your classic. It is supplied with CNC laser cut bespoke brackets that are designed to fit the original mounting points of your car meaning it can be easily installed with no cutting, welding or modifications to your classic. The steering rack and box also remain unchanged, retaining the standard steering ratio so, if you ever decide to remove the unit, the car can be fully restored to its original condition at any time.

Steering Rack

If you’re a purist and prefer the original manual steering on your 6-cylinder E-type but would like a slightly sharper feel to your handling, then try one of our E-type “quick racks” that have 8 teeth on the pinion and only 2.5 turns lock-to-lock. When changing the rack, we always recommend checking the rack mountings and track rod ends at the same time.

Steering Wheels

Enjoying the interior of your classic is all part of the ultimate driving experience. We particularly love the look and feel of the original 16″ steering wheel in our E-Type, but it can be a squeeze getting in and out compared to the 15” option. Alternatively, you can fit our quick-release steering wheel boss to remove the steering wheel altogether. Choose from a great range of steering wheels for all models at SNG Barratt.

Find the correct EZ Power Steering system for your Jaguar below:

EZ Power Steering Parts Finder - Select your model

Application Part No. Purchase Part
MK5 RHD Negative Earth C2638U/N/R BUY NOW
MK5 RHD Positive Earth C2638U/P/R BUY NOW
MK5 LHD Negative Earth C2638U/N/L BUY NOW
MK5 LHD Positive Earth C2638U/P/L BUY NOW
MK7 RHD Negative Earth C4456U/N/R BUY NOW
MK7 RHD Positive Earth C4456U/P/R BUY NOW
MK7 LHD Negative Earth C4456U/N/L BUY NOW
MK7 LHD Positive Earth C4456U/P/L BUY NOW
MK8 RHD Negative Earth C4456U/N/R/1 BUY NOW
MK8 RHD Positive Earth C4456U/P/R/1 BUY NOW
MK8 LHD Negative Earth C4456U/N/L/1 BUY NOW
MK8 LHD Positive Earth C4456U/P/L/1 BUY NOW
MK9 RHD Negative Earth C14678U/N/R BUY NOW
MK9 RHD Positive Earth C14678U/P/R BUY NOW
MK9 LHD Negative Earth C14678U/N/L BUY NOW
MK9 LHD Positive Earth C14678U/P/L BUY NOW
XK120 RHD Negative Earth C2766U/N BUY NOW
XK120 RHD Positive Earth C2766U/P BUY NOW
XK120 LHD Negative Earth C2766U/N/L BUY NOW
XK120 LHD Positive Earth C2766U/P/L BUY NOW
XK140 RHD Negative Earth C8082U/N/R BUY NOW
XK140 RHD Positive Earth C8082U/P/R BUY NOW
XK140 LHD Negative Earth C8082U/N/L BUY NOW
XK140 LHD Positive Earth C8082U/P/L BUY NOW
XK150 RHD Negative Earth C12857U/N/R BUY NOW
XK150 RHD Positive Earth C12857U/P/R BUY NOW
XK150 LHD Negative Earth C12857U/N/L BUY NOW
XK150 LHD Positive Earth C12857U/P/L BUY NOW
MK1 RHD Negative Earth C12352U/N BUY NOW
MK1 RHD Positive Earth C12352U/P BUY NOW
MK1 LHD Negative Earth C12353U/N BUY NOW
MK1 LHD Positive Earth C12353U/P BUY NOW
MK2 Manual RHD Negative Earth C15613U/N/R BUY NOW
MK2 Manual RHD Positive Earth C15613U/P/R BUY NOW
MK2 Manual LHD Negative Earth C15613U/N/L BUY NOW
MK2 Manual LHD Positive Earth C15613U/P/L BUY NOW
MK2 Automatic RHD Negative Earth C26043U/N BUY NOW
MK2 Automatic RHD Positive Earth C26043U/P BUY NOW
MK2 Automatic LHD Negative Earth C25574U/N BUY NOW
MK2 Automatic LHD Positive Earth C25574U/P BUY NOW
E-Type Series 1 RHD Negative Earth C23052U/N BUY NOW
E-Type Series 1 RHD Positive Earth C23052U/P BUY NOW
E-Type Series 1 LHD Negative Earth C23047U/N BUY NOW
E-Type Series 1 LHD Positive Earth C23047U/P BUY NOW
E-Type Series 2 RHD Negative Earth C28542U/N BUY NOW
E-Type Series 2 RHD Positive Earth C28542U/P BUY NOW
E-Type Series 2 LHD Negative Earth C28543U/N BUY NOW
E-Type Series 2 LHD Positive Earth C28543U/P BUY NOW

Choose from over 300,000 parts and accessories available worldwide for all classic and modern Jaguar vehicles.