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Unleashing the Beast: Elevate Your Iconic Jaguar E-Type with SNG Barratt’s Performance Upgrades

In the automotive world, the Jaguar E-Type stands as an iconic masterpiece, captivating onlookers with its timeless beauty and sleek design. In 2024, a fully restored E-Type remains a head-turner, and at SNG Barratt, we believe in enhancing not just the aesthetic allure but also unleashing the beast within.

Upgrade Your Cat: SNG Barratt’s Performance Enhancements

Discover a world of possibilities with our range of E-Type upgrades, meticulously designed to transform your driving experience. Here are some of the enhancements that will make your cat roar this summer:

The Crown Jewel – Lucas Fuel Injection Conversion Kit (C24558_INK/4.2)

Among our stellar upgrades, the crown jewel is the Lucas Fuel Injection Conversion Kit. This exciting addition ensures optimal fuel delivery, enhancing your E-Type’s power and efficiency.

Ready to unleash the full potential of your Jaguar E-Type? Speak to our parts experts at SNG Barratt today by calling 01746 765432. Elevate your driving experience and let your E-Type become the beauty and the beast it was meant to be. Don’t miss the opportunity to roar down the road with confidence and style.


Precision Crafted Excellence: Cylinder Head Parts for Jaguar E-Type

At SNG Barratt, we offer an extensive selection of cylinder head parts specifically tailored for the Jaguar E-Type, showcasing our decades-long expertise in classic Jaguars.


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