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SNG Barratt manufactures and supplies over 300,000 classic and modern Jaguar car parts to customers all over the world, but it all started with the E-type exactly 40 years ago when Stephen Barratt tried to source parts for his Series 1.

Today, the business designs and manufactures a huge range of original and uprated parts for the Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 that will restore, enhance, or improve your drive in an era where the roads are immeasurably busier and driving conditions are more challenging than when the E-type was first unveiled. The original cars were also built to a budget and were never designed to be here over 60 years later. With companies like SNG Barratt protecting the rich heritage of these beautiful cars, we are fortunate that every worn or corroded part can now be replaced so future generations can continue to marvel at Jaguar’s finest masterpiece.

So, when an E-type is perpetually being restored, is it really necessary to include uprated parts? Is it homage or sacrilege to alter the very essence of the original car? Well, I guess that depends on whether you’re planning to simply look at the car or drive it. The original car would struggle in modern stop-start traffic without uprated cooling systems and it would hate to be stored for 6 months a year with a multitude of perishable rubber components and aging brightwork. These sports cars were meant to be driven not hidden and, thankfully, SNG Barratt offers a great range of authentic parts that will keep your E-type on the road plus some uprated parts that will keep you safe and smiling behind the wheel. From original Girling calipers and shock assemblies to uprated Series 3 steering racks offering improved handling, click here for more information on some of the latest E-type parts developed by SNG Barratt.

E-Type Series One – featured products

Submersible Fuel Pump Conversion


All 3.8 E-Types left the factory with an in-tank, immersed electric fuel pump – This arrangement, similar to the set up on the Mark X, was only used on these early E’s and was deleted and replaced by an external remote-mounted SU pump by the time Series One 4.2 production commenced.

Girling Front Brake Caliper Conversion Kit


Front Brake Caliper Conversion Kit - Manufactured in aerospace 7075 grade silver aluminium, with 'Girling' script embossed. Fitted with OEM spec modern seals and 303 grade stainless steel pistons and pins. The kit is directly compatible with the original suspension uprights.

Girling Rear Shock & Spring Assembly


Rear Shock Absorber and Spring Assembly - Non-adjustable. Assembled as a complete unit with dust covers, rings, collets and bushes pre-installed. Finished in the period grey/blue paint colour. This saves huge time on installation as there are no spring compressors required to install.

E-Type Series Two – featured products

Right Hand Chrome Headlamp Eyebrow Peak


Right Hand Headlamp Peak/Eyebrow Chrome Finisher - Right Hand and Left Hand. These are made using brass pressings as originally used by Jaguar.

Left Hand Chrome Headlamp Eyebrow Peak


Left Hand Headlamp Peak/Eyebrow Chrome Finisher - Right Hand and Left Hand. These are made using brass pressings as originally used by Jaguar.

Chrome Triple Wiper Rack Assembly


Wiper rack assembly with wiper wheel boxes/spindles and wiper park contact set up. These are now manufactured to the original specification with spindles of different lengths.

E-Type Series Three – featured products

Uprated Steering Rack Conversion Kit


Power steering conversion kit - Uprated with modern rack for improved feel and handling. Uses existing pump and supplied with mounting brackets, hoses and fixings.

Lucas 9-Tooth Uprated Starter Motor


Lucas up-rated, lightweight starter motor, fits Jaguar V12. Engine with 25mm pinion Starter. Engine no #7S7001 on. 9 toothed gear.

Uprated Front & Rear Anti-Roll Bars


Back in the day, one of the more negative comments levelled at the Series 3 was the handling which was considered lazy compared to the earlier E-types.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? For all your Series 1, Series 2 and Series 3 parts, talk to the experts. Contact SNG Barratt where an experienced member of the team will gladly talk to you about your car and discuss the various options available for you.

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