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It takes all sorts to maintain decades-old machinery and keep it in a roadworthy condition.

Time, dedication, and devotion are essential attributes while completing a restoration, but when it comes to adding the finishing touches, the devil really is in the detail.

And we’re not talking about the obvious items either such as brake master cylinders or suspension components; this is more about the hard-to-find items that aren’t typically available from the usual sources.

At SNG Barratt, we carry far more specialist parts than first meets the eye. From decals and bifurcated rivets to spring latches and pipe clamps, we’ve got you covered. And if you don’t see what you’re looking for, then please get in touch. Whilst we can’t always promise that the item you need is available, we’ll happily go the extra mile to search through our huge inventory for the “wotsit” or widget that secures the essential “whatchamacallit” in place.

Specialist Hardware

Whilst many items under this heading are simply just nuts bolts, washers and screws, they’re not something that you will find for sale at your local hardware shop, at least not these days. Simple yet ingenious in their design, many were specific to a certain task or model so mostly generic substitutions available today, are not an option either practically or aesthetically.


Decals, labels & Escutcheons

During production, decals and stickers were used to provide the classic car owner with knowledge of the car and how to care for it, such as the grade of engine oil required. Over time, these decals fade, peel and disappear, losing the original period feel. Replacing these decals protects the cars authenticity and returns it to its original glory.



Drive with pride and don’t keep the identity of your beautiful Jaguar a secret. The iconic badges on your Jaguar are a signature feature and essential parts that fade over time. Check out our wide range of Growlers and other badges for the horn-push, boot, grille and bonnet.


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