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SNG Barratt is now the exclusive USA distributor for BELL Exhausts

We are delighted to announce, SNG Barratt is now the exclusive distributor for BELL Exhaust Systems in the USA. This new agreement is great news for our US customers looking for high-quality exhaust systems for their classic Jaguars.

BELL stainless-steel exhausts for classic British marques are made in Britain by a team of highly skilled, time-served craftsmen. Every exhaust is made to the highest quality from original patterns for a perfect fit and a showroom finish. All premium stainless-steel exhaust systems are supplied with a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own the car.

SNG Barratt is now stocking a huge range of BELL exhaust systems at great prices for classic Jaguar cars!

Parts Finder – Find a BELL Exhausts System for your classic Jaguar

Jaguar E-Type

Model Part No. Price Purchase Part
Series 1 3.8 DHC/FHC P_BSSJR015 $645.08 BUY NOW
Series 1 4.2 DHC/FHC P_BSSJR016 $634.87 BUY NOW
Series 2 4.2 DHC/FHC P_BSSJR017 $653.46 BUY NOW
Series 1 2+2 P_BSSJR018 $741.38 BUY NOW
Series 1.5/2 2+2 P_BSSJR019 $759.95 BUY NOW
Series 3 V12 DHC/2+2 Quad Outlet P_BSSJR020 $644.72 BUY NOW
Series 3 V12 DHC/2+2 Dual Outlet P_BSSJR021 $591.77 BUY NOW

Jaguar XK

Model Part No. Price Purchase Part
XK120 Twin System P_BSSJR035 $471.66 BUY NOW
XK140/150 Twin System Manual G/box P_BSSJR003 $528.74 BUY NOW
XK140/150 Twin System Auto G/box P_BSSJR036 $541.91 BUY NOW

Jaguar MK2

Model Part No. Price Purchase Part
MK2 2.4 P_BSSJR005 $470.02 BUY NOW
MK2 240 P_BSSJR006 $528.69 BUY NOW
MK2 3.4/3.8 1960 & 1961 P_BSSJR007 $528.76 BUY NOW
MK2 3.4/3.8  1961 Onwards P_BSSJR009 $505.83 BUY NOW

Jaguar XJ6

Model Part No. Part Purchase Part
XJ6 Series 1 4.2 68-73 P_BSSJR023 $689.21 BUY NOW
XJ6 Series 2 1974-76 Slide Joint P_BSSJR026 $567.04 BUY NOW
XJ6 Series 2 Coupe Slide Joint P_BSSJR024 $566.10 BUY NOW
XJ6 Series 2 Coupe Flange Joint P_BSSJR025 $593.78 BUY NOW
XJ6 Series 2/3 Flange Joint P_BSSJR027 $594.74 BUY NOW
XJ6 Series 3 Flange Joint P_BSSJR028 $597.06 BUY NOW
XJ12 Series 2/3 Flange Joint p_BSSJR032 $785.85 BUY NOW

Jaguar XJS

Model Part No. Price Purchase Part
XJS V12 USA Spec cat-back P_BSSJR029USA $910.65 BUY NOW

The Lucas Classic 2024

Join us for a day filled with festivities both on and off the iconic Hillclimb at Shelsley Walsh, featuring a stunning array of classic British cars, 4×4’s, and motorcycles synonymous with the Lucas and Girling brand. With a legacy spanning over a century, Lucas has been a trailblazer in parts manufacturing for renowned British marques such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Aston Martin, Austin Healey, Triumph, MG, and Mini.


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